Bone Regeneration

Bone atrophies after tooth extraction. As more and more bone is lost, placement of implants becomes increasingly difficult till it becomes impossible. Osseous regeneration becomes the only option for most patients that lack enough bone.

In the posterior maxillary region, a procedure called sinus floor elevation increases bone height. Another procedure called guided bone regeneration can improve the amount of bone to place implants in the ideal position.

Implantes dentales

Frequently asked questions about regeneration techniques

1. After a regenerative procedure, how long do I have to wait before placing implants?

It usually takes about 6 months till maturation takes place after a regenerative procedure. In certain situations, these regenerative techniques can be done simultaneously at time of implant placementreducing number of surgeries and overall cost of the procedure.


2. Does a sinus lift cause much pain?

The surgical procedure is usually completed under conscious sedation. Therefore, the surgical procedure is usually painless. It is not usual to have post-operative swelling and mild discomfort within the first 48-72 hours. Thereafter, most patients are able to resume their regular activities.


3. Can I fly after my sinus lift procedure?

We recommend avoiding flight travels during the fist 10-15 days. The change in pressure within the maxillary sinuses increases pain and cause further complications.